IB Diploma cohort at their Theory of Knowledge (ToK) Exhibition

Broadening Horizons

Senior School: IB Diploma

IB students study six subjects (three at Standard Level and three at Higher Level). As well as studying a curriculum that offers a breadth of experience in languages, humanities, the experimental sciences, mathematics and arts, students will also write a 4,000-word essay and study a critical thinking course.

At Jerudong International School, we recognise the importance of enjoyment when it comes to education, and we encourage students to select subjects in which they will not only be able to secure a high grade and therefore access to a top university, but also subjects they have a passion for. Careful guidance is offered to each student to ensure they select the course that will benefit them the most.



The teachers are amazing at JIS.

Mups Hirse


JIS has a very strong commitment to positive student engagement. I attribute my success not only to the work I put in, but also to the support provided to me.Mups HirseALUMNI (UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO)

Mrs Dani Buckingham


The highly motivated staff are professional and accessible; everyone from the nurses, to the school leaders have an open door policy. Mrs Dani BuckinghamPARENT

Ms. Julia Ladics


JIS has an incredible atmosphere; you can feel the enthusiasm and dedication of everyone there. The positive and welcoming environment helps everyone thrive in their own way.

Ms. Julia LadicsALUMNI (HArvard UNIVERSITY)

Mrs Kristen Hannappel


JIS' location makes every outdoor activity an adventure. Just taking a step outside the gate takes children into a world of wildlife, beach or jungle!Mrs Kristen HannappelPARENT

Mr Kah Luk Wong


JIS provides a safe environment for children to learn, and to explore their potential. The school provide lots of opportunities both in academia & co-curricular activities.Mr. Kah Luk WongPARENT

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