The Boarding Community

Boarding at Jerudong International School is unlike any other.
Home to beautiful beaches, the cleanest air in the continent and some of the most biodiverse rainforest on the planet, Brunei offers a unique learning environment in which our students are able to flourish and achieve excellence. The Boarding Houses are situated within the extensive and completely private, 120 acre JIS campus, with full services including a medical centre, dining room and recreation facilities. Boarders enjoy a short stroll to school for lessons during the day, and the facilities after lessons have finished. 

Don't forget to visit the 'Boarding Life' page where you can watch a short tour of Eagle House, Osprey House, Kingfisher House and Ibis House given by the Heads of House!

JIS Brunei Boarding Village

The Boarding Facilities

1 - The Basketball and Volleyball Courts
2 - The Football & Rugby Fields and Athletics Track
3 - The Outdoor Discovery Centre (ODC)
4 -  The Sports Centre
5 - The Nest
6 - The Boarding Medical Centre

7 - The Boarding Dining Hall
8 - Kingfisher House
9 - Ibis House
10 - Osprey House
11 - Eagle House