Apply for Pre-University

If you have arrived here, you have decided that studying for the A Level programme or the IB Diploma programme is the next path for you in preparation for University.

Click on the steps below to see the detailed application process and assessment process. If you have any questions at any stage, then please contact our Admissions Team who will be happy to help. 

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Application Process

Application Documents

For all children applying to Jerudong International School we need to receive the following completed forms and documents. Please provide a translated copy in English if applicable.

Please scan and email the forms below to

1.  Application Form

Application Form
This must be signed on the final page by both parents and/or a guardian. The final page also lists the Terms and Conditions of enrolment at JIS. It is important that you read this page carefully before you sign the form.

2.  School Health Form

School Health Form
Pages 3 and 4 must be completed and signed by a medical doctor or nurse and stamped accordingly.

3.  School Report (and English translation)

Please provide a School Report for the last 12 months of education. 

The School will also require copies of the IGCSE Certificate to confirm grades achieved (if coming from a UK Curriculum).

4.  Special Needs / Educational Psychologist Report

If applicable. (Please note, limited support is available for children with Special Needs so each child is evaluated on a case by case basis.)

5.  Photo 

3 recent passport size photos or a jpeg. 

6.  Birth Certificate Copy

Please ensure the number is legible.

7.  Passport Copies

Child, Mother and Father

8.  Bruneian Identity Card

For children (12 years and above), Mother and Father. (For non Bruneian applicants, the school will require a copy once identity cards been issued after arrival in Brunei).

9.  B$200 application fee

This non refundable fee is payable by Credit Card or Bank Transfer. A receipt will be issued.

Assessment Process

1. Grades gained in the IGCSEs in Year 11

Usually a minimum of 5 x Grade Bs is required at IGCSE. At least a Grade B should be held in the subject to be studied at A’ Level or the IB – please refer to individual subject requirements in the Booklet. For students coming from an MYP or non UK academic background, we may require students to take subject assessments so that JIS academic staff can assess what academic foundation a student has in a subject.

2.Cognitive Ability Test (CAT)

Your child will need to sit a 2 hour (with breaks) online multiple choice Cognitive Ability Test (CAT). This test has practice questions at the start of each section. This online test is not a curriculum test. It is actually a series of short tests designed to assess four different areas -

  • Verbal Reasoning Test – thinking with words
  • Quantitative (or Numerical) Reasoning Test – thinking with numbers
  • Non Verbal Reasoning Test – thinking with shapes
  • Spatial Ability Test – thinking with shape and space

The reason for this test is that we receive applications from children who have been educated in many different countries / curriculum across the world. This gives us a consistent way of comparing students from many different backgrounds.

3. Written English Paper (90 minutes)

For non first language English speakers. This test is to determine if the level of English will enable a student to cope with the academically demanding courses (A Level or IB Diploma) and also to see which English IB / IELTS group a student should be placed in.

* Please note, it may be possible to arrange for your child to take the online CAT and written English paper at their present school. Please ask the Admissions Team for more information. 

4. Interview

The final stage is an interview with the Vice Principal to discuss subject choices and choice of course further.


You will be informed by the Registrar or Senior Registrar either at the end of the interview process, or within a few days, if an offer of a place at Jerudong International School is to be made and the start date. Successful applicants receive a formal letter of offer, an endorsed Student Pass application (for non Bruneian students) and full information about school uniform, textbooks and stationery. There is an acceptance form attached to the letter that needs to be signed and returned to the Admissions Office together with payment of the deposit to formally complete the Admissions process.

Our Admissions Team are here to help. If you have an enquiry, you can email them on: