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New students and parents celebrating first day of school JIS Brunei

Applications to Jerudong International School are submitted online. 
We recommend that parents apply using a larger device such as a computer or a notebook so that you can easily read it.

When you click on the ‘APPLY ONLINE NOW’ button, a new window will open. You will submit your child's information first and then move to a new tab to submit the parent information. Please make sure you have given your email and phone number or we won't be able to contact you!

You will also be able to create your own private login to your child / children's application using your email address and your own password. This means you will be able to save your application at any stage and return to it. 

Our admissions team are here to help you on every step of your application journey. They will personally guide you on the path that is best for your child. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions! We are delighted to help!


Getting Ready to Apply!

Before you start the application, we suggest you prepare digital copies of the documents listed:

Your Child's Information

  • A passport style photo of your child
  • Copy of your child’s Passport Information Page
  • Copy of your child’s Brunei Identity Card *If you are living in Brunei already and your child is 12 years in age or older. 
  • Copy of your child’s most recent school report
  • Copy of supporting documents e.g. Learning Support assessments
  • Health information - to complete the health questions. *A health declaration - the JIS School Health Record, will be required after the initial application, completed by a medical doctor. 

Parent Information

This will only need to be submitted once, so if you are applying for more than one child, this information will be used for all your children. 

  • Copy of each parents Passport Information Page or a copy of each parents Brunei Identity Card if you have one. 
  • Application Fee B$200 (This can be paid by Credit Card or Bank Transfer).

*Once you have created your account, you will be able to contact the admissions team at any stage to ask any questions. 



1: Complete child’s information
2: Complete parents information
3: Complete additional information
4: Read Terms and Conditions and Submit Application Form 
NB An email will confirm successful completion of the process
5: Pay the B$200 application fee via cash (at the school) or bank transfer. Overseas applicants can also pay by credit card. NB Our Accounts team will send you a receipt. 

Our Admissions Team will contact you to arrange the assessments. We have different entrance assessments depending on the age of your child. The Head of Junior School and the Head of Senior School review the assessments and make the final decision.

Following the assessment process, we will advise you of the decision. 

Once you have accepted an offer from Jerudong International School for your child, we will contact you so that you and your child can be fully prepared to join our school community.  

Open Days

We regularly arrange Open Days where parents and children are warmly welcome to come and meet teachers and students. If you are overseas, let us know and we can arrange to meet you online instead!

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