Mission and Aims

Polio Points
Our Mission

Saves Lives

The Polio Points rewards system has become the DNA of our school. 

Zhi Yin Student Leader

Our School’s mission makes a critical difference in the lives of others

At JIS the students are rewarded for the behaviours that are the explicit aims of the School. When they are successful they earn $1. This dollar goes to vaccinate a child in the developing world against polio. By living our values, we save lives.

The students work together to achieve awards in line with each of our aims. Each time that all six aims are met a polio vaccine is earned. The students earn tangible benefits for their efforts that reinforces the importance of their role as global citizens. The evident benefit of doing something worthwhile becomes an incentive that inspires further positive actions.

Excellent achievements at JIS mean that children in the developing world will now have their own chance to flourish.

Our community aspires for these aims:


We believe that education is transformative and inspirational. We strive for excellence as lifelong learners by developing a natural curiosity and taking charge of our own progress.


We collaborate confidently and communicate effectively. We are active listeners who express ideas confidently and creatively in a variety of languages and modes of communication.


We are creative and innovative. We reflect critically about ourselves and the world and learn to improve by asking relevant questions, making ethical decisions and reflecting on our experiences.



We show determination and perseverance, developing skills to overcome challenges. We nurture a positive self-view, always keeping things in perspective and, above all, looking after ourselves. 


We work together in a spirit of unity, compassion and kindness. We are an inclusive community who treat those around us with empathy and respect. We understand that there is much more that binds us together than divides us.


We act with integrity and consideration for our community, inspiring others to strive for excellence. We show humility, enthusiasm, optimism and warmth; we’re always authentic and self-confident, but never arrogant.  

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The Polio Points project, like this video, is entirely student led and directed.

Aims in school

Our Values in Action

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